Q3 Workday 2016 - Work Day - Prep for Rainwater Reclamation System

A few of us got together to start prepping the backyard for our rainwater reclamation system. We are going to have a 5000 gallon tank installed to collect water from the house downspouts. The project will require an underground gutter system to move the rainwater into a sump tank, which will contain a pump and a line to the main tank. Overflow water will have its own underground piping that flows to a rain garden on the north side of the house.

We finished the pipe trenches on the south and west sides of the house and dug out a hole for the main tank. Next, we will base the pit with gravel and the plumbers will install the tank, piping, sump, and interior lines to the house. The permitting for the project doesn't allow the water to be potable (yet), so the water will supply hose lines and toilets using its own dedicated lines.

Trench for underground rain piping

No one can remember how long this wood has been here...

The pit for the collection tank. Gravel and tank to come.

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