Established in 1972, Prag House is a non-profit urban housing coöperative centered on community and sustainability. Currently, there twelve adults with ages ranging from twenty to sixty. The house itself is a large twelve-bedroom residence built in the early 1900s in Capitol Hill neughborhood of Seattle, Washington.

We communally purchase organic, vegetarian food and have one communal meal a month. Currently, we practice a moderate form of income sharing in which members pay a small portion of their income to the community in addition to payments for base dues and food.

We seek to live a more environmentally sustainable and communitarian lifestyle. This means consensus-based decision making, sustainability projects like water reclamation and solar, and maintaining affordability. The title to our property is held by the Evergreen Land Trust (ELT), so we are not bound to a landlord and are responsible for the house property as resident-stewards.

It's a pretty great way to live.